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wanling new language model house model C
The master said, "the wise man rejoices in water, and the virtuous man rejoices in mountains; The wise move, the kind quiet; Wise man happy, kind life.
There is a saying: "wise man, to reach the truth and flow without stagnation, like water, so happy water. Benevolence, content with justice and not move, heavy, like the mountains, so leshan.
The hustle and bustle of the city, a "ancient Chinese style" home so that we can enjoy a quiet and comfortable, see the court flowers, enjoy the clouds roll cloud shu, enjoy a good quiet years.
In free time, cast off busy manacle, return nature itself. Will be classical leisure and leisure into the home decoration to convey taste and accomplishment.
Compare "luxuriant" decorate a style, "qing GUI" just is the rarest.