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  Founded in 2012, jin yi (Shanghai) decoration design co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as KIM jin yi) is the core design institution of KIM Hong Kong jin yi international design group co., LTD.
KIM jin yi design main creative personnel by art, architectural interior design, business planning, international brand home, original art and other industries of senior personnel, good at integrating multi-cultural and combined with the actual needs of the project practice design, the pursuit of the ultimate spirit of space, is the domestic professional scene design service providers.
The company has three main service areas
  A: research and innovation of community aesthetics center mode, promotion and dissemination of aesthetic education culture training, and output of design aesthetics management
  B: commercial space theme design, household brand flagship store scene design consultant
  C: the overall design of the residence is highly definite, providing "move-in" one-stop trusteeship service for the hardcover buildings
  Under the premise of ensuring the core design business, we pay attention to the construction of industrial chain, and effectively maintain the mutual promotion and sustainable development between different sectors, and actively participate in the development and promotion of China's first interior furnishing design code, to create a complete ecological chain of "production, study and research" in the design and decoration industry. Over the years, KIM jinyi has provided the operation content of the space through the early-stage consulting consultant of the project, the overall solution of the mid-term design, and the product customization in the later stage, so as to implement the design concept and product quality control into the whole process and realize the maximum added value of the design. In the industry to create highly acclaimed projects, including international brand five-star hotel, large domestic shopping center, culture and art space, home brand flagship store scene design, developers sales office, villa model rooms and other design value-added cases.
  KIM jin one in domestic initiative in 2015, KIM jin one community aesthetic center, create "new public welfare activities" by way of life developed lead community "new business" model, the main development community property upgrade services, together with the property developers from space aesthetics build community owner to the spread of life aesthetics, with scenes of compound ecological business, to provide the overall solution associated with lifestyle!
KIM jin yi design adhering to the concept of green design, ingenuity duzhi, dong-xing zhiyuan. We are committed to creating and realizing beautiful dreams for customers, teams and even business partners. At present, jinmao real estate, China merchants real estate, China resources land, vanke real estate, China construction real estate, golden eagle international group, yaohan commercial, shenzhen book city investment holdings, double leaf home furnishing, red star macalline... And other enterprises have reached strategic cooperation with KIM.